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ACP Internist

ACP Internist launched its blog. Regular features include “Medical News of the Obvious,” and irregular features include anything, absolutely anything, that crosses our desks but doesn't can't to wait to find its way into print. In upcoming months we'll add new columnists with opinion leaders in internal medicine.

ACP Hospitalist


As patient satisfaction begins to take a more prominent place in health care and quality measurement, some worry that hospitals' standard patient satisfaction surveys don't do a good enough job measuring what a hospitalist actually does. This could become problematic if patient satisfaction data become more closely linked to physician compensation or reimbursement in the future. How should hospitalists prepare for future use of satisfaction data? Find out in mid-July. To order a free print subscription to ACP Hospitalist, email Customer Service or call 800-227-1915.

ACP Press

In Whatever Houses We May Visit: An Anthology of Poems That Have Inspired Physicians. Edited by Michael A. LaCombe, FACP

This anthology of poems about illness and healing, doctors and patients, and a wide range of related subjects, collects verse from both well-known poets and emerging voices.

The Last Half Hour of the Day: An Anthology of Stories and Essays That Have Inspired Physicians. Edited by Michael A. LaCombe, FACP and Christine Laine, FACP.

This unique anthology of short stories and essays features the works of both established and new writers, based on the suggestions of physician-readers from all over the world.

Annals of Internal Medicine

Articles (July 1)

  • Diabetes and Hearing Impairment in the United States: Audiometric Evidence from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, 1999-2004
  • The Impact of Comorbid Illness and Functional Status on the Expected Benefits of Intensive Glucose Control in Older Patients: A Decision Analysis
  • Relationship of Specific Vaginal Bacteria and Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment Failure in Women Who Have Sex with Women

In the Clinic

  • Acne


New MKSAP Maintenance of Certification Modules

Eight new Maintenance of Certification Modules (MOC II) for the 14th edition of MKSAP (Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program), are now available to subscribers. The new MKSAP MOC II Modules test knowledge of multidisciplinary office-based and inpatient care, evidence-based critiques providing immediate feedback, and explanations for correct and incorrect options. They also provide an alternative option for earning Self-Evaluation of Medical Knowledge points toward completion of the ABIM Maintenance of Certification program, as well as evidence-based rationales for the correct answers upon successful completion of the ABIM Module.