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Metformin found safe for use while trying to conceive, studies find

Use of metformin by fathers was not associated with risk of major congenital formation, and mothers who continued metformin and added insulin had lower risk of losing a baby than those who switched to insulin, according to two recent studies.

ACP launches new Sex and Gender Health Learning Hub

The hub offers member-exclusive resources for caring for patients navigating sexual, reproductive, and gender-related health care concerns.

MKSAP Quiz: Twisting movements of neck, extremities

A 64-year-old man is evaluated for recent emergence of involuntary twisting movements of his neck and extremities. Parkinson disease was diagnosed 8 years ago. Mobility and fatigue improve after each dose of carbidopa-levodopa. Following a physical exam, what is the most appropriate next step in treatment?

M. genitalium infection associated with higher risk for pelvic inflammatory disease

Mycoplasma genitalium was detected in about 1 in 10 clinically diagnosed pelvic inflammatory disease cases, a systematic review and meta-analysis of 19 studies found.

Postpartum hypertension found to continue after birth in 80% of patients, study finds

The cohort study of patients with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy highlights the importance of remote blood pressure monitoring programs and improved tools for risk stratification, according to its authors.

ACP announces new 2024-2025 President-elect

Jason M. Goldman, MD, FACP, of Coral Springs, Fla., has been elected in a special election.

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