Annals of Internal Medicine summarizes articles via video

Each animated video highlights key points relevant to daily clinical practice through voiceovers and illustrations.

Annals of Internal Medicine now includes short video summaries for select articles and reviews.

The animated summaries highlight key points relevant to daily clinical practice, using voiceovers and illustrations to put the research into context. Links are provided to the related articles to allow interested users to explore them in more detail. Videos are three to five minutes in length, and a transcript of each is provided.

Video summaries can be found in the "See Also" sections of their related articles. All video summaries can also be accessed through Annals' multimedia page, along with other multimedia content, including Annals Consult Guys, ACP/Annals Virtual Forums, Annals Story Slam, Annals Graphic Medicine, Annals On Call, and Annals Latest Highlights.