ACP and Public Good Projects unite to combat medical mis- and disinformation

Updates, reports, and training modules specifically developed for physicians and health care professionals are available for access.

ACP is partnering with the Public Good Projects to provide access to curated tools and resources, specifically developed for physicians and health care professionals, to help mitigate health care mis- and disinformation. The resources, developed by the Public Good Projects, include weekly updates on health care misinformation trends across the country and state dashboards with real-time media data; reports providing trending health narratives, recommendations, and helpful resources; and three training modules covering how to identify and respond to trending health narratives. The training provides the basics on infodemiology and applied skills to help improve patient care delivery in the current information environment. Training is available in English with Spanish subtitles with modules on infodemiology and misinformation, media monitoring and theoretical frameworks, and communicating with patients.

Visit the Public Good Projects' Infodemiology site for information and to sign up for their Health Care Infodemiology Brief.