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COVID-19 vaccine side effects associated with greater antibody response, study finds

The association between worse symptoms after vaccination and higher antibody levels against SARS-CoV-2 in subsequent months could be used to encourage reluctant patients to be vaccinated, study authors suggested.
11 Jun 2024

ACP/Annals forum addresses adult vaccinations

Patient hesitation and physician uncertainty are two barriers to achieving optimal vaccination rates, according to expert panelists.
1 Apr 2024

ACP urges adults to get their influenza vaccine during National Influenza Vaccination Week

ACP is urging all adults to get vaccinated as influenza season, holiday gatherings, and winter weather are here, along with the continued presence of COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus.
5 Dec 2023

CAP presents challenges for clinicians

While not treating patients with pneumonia could be catastrophic, giving antibiotics to those who don't have it also causes harm.
1 Jun 2024

ACP, Annals of Internal Medicine host forum on adult vaccine recommendations

The virtual forum featured expert panelists discussing the 2024 Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which includes four new vaccines.
13 Feb 2024

Bringing postpartum care to primary care

To improve maternal outcomes in the United States, increased collaboration and communication between obstetrics/gynecology and primary care are crucial, experts stress.
1 Jun 2024

CDC offers guidance on doxycycline for postexposure STI prophylaxis

Doxycycline postexposure prophylaxis can reduce syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea in at-risk populations and may offer a new approach to preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs), according to new guidelines.
11 Jun 2024

Advice on writing an op-ed

Medical misinformation can kill, and it's everywhere, so one physician proposed countering it by writing medical op-eds.
1 Jun 2024

New COVID-19 vaccine recommendations, data on after-effects of infection

The CDC recommended another COVID-19 booster for older patients and ended five-day isolation guidelines, while studies showed that COVID-19 infection was associated with a small cognitive decline and an increase in risk for autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases.
5 Mar 2024

Correction to ‘ACIP releases 2024 Adult Immunization Schedule featuring new vaccines’

In the Jan. 16, 2024, issue, the article on the 2024 Adult Immunization Schedule incorrectly summarized the recommendations for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccination.
23 Jan 2024

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