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Home-based cardiac rehabilitation may reduce mortality, study finds

An at-home program for recently hospitalized patients included telephone coaching and motivational interviewing sessions, a workbook, a DVD, and a personal health journal, as well as additional equipment as needed, and was associated with a reduction in mortality.
7 Mar 2023

Cardiac rehab uptake remains low, despite benefits

Estimates from the American Heart Association suggest that only about 20% to 30% of eligible patients ever receive the intervention.
1 Mar 2022

Therapist-led rehab had similar outcomes to home regimen after knee replacement

High-risk patients had similar knee function and pain at one year whether they received weekly sessions with a physiotherapist or were assigned to a home exercise program, according to a U.K. trial.
20 Oct 2020

Sorting out vertigo

A shift in diagnostic approach for vertigo involves asking about the timing and triggers for episodes rather than a description of symptoms.
1 Jan 2024

Nonpharmaceutical interventions have strongest evidence support for poststroke rehab

Recently updated Veterans Affairs guidelines on rehabilitation after stroke were based on this review of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapies for motor deficits or mood disorders after stroke.
19 Nov 2019

Take a team approach to coronary disease

A major update to a cardiology guideline puts team-based, patient-centered care at the forefront of management and highlights the role of healthy diet and exercise habits in reducing cardiovascular risk.
1 Feb 2024

MKSAP Quiz: 6-month history of low back pain

A 58-year-old man is evaluated for a 6-month history of persistent low back pain. The patient is a postal employee who first developed pain after lifting a heavy mailbag onto a truck. The pain is localized to the lumbar back, is bilateral, and does not radiate. After review of a previous MRI and a physical exam, what is the most appropriate treatment?
14 May 2024

Internet-based rehab safe, effective for chronic vestibular syndrome, study finds

Patients with chronic vestibular syndrome were randomly assigned to a six-week internet-based intervention with weekly online sessions and 10 to 20 minutes of exercise a day, the internet-based intervention plus in-person physiotherapy support with home visits in weeks 1 and 3, or usual care.
12 Nov 2019

Refine your referrals to physical rehab with thought, timeliness

Internists can vastly improve outcomes for patients by referring more patients to physical rehabilitation earlier, more often, and for more conditions than they might think.
1 Apr 2014

Web-based rehabilitation may improve dizziness symptoms

Patients in the intervention group accessed an automated, six-session intervention to be completed over six weeks that taught specific exercises, such as nodding and shaking the head, as well as cognitive behavioral management strategies.
16 May 2017

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