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MKSAP Quiz: Screening after prostate cancer diagnosis

A 65-year-old man is evaluated after being diagnosed with high-risk prostate cancer. He is asymptomatic. Transrectal ultrasound biopsy showed multiple foci of prostate cancer in both lobes with the highest Gleason score of 8. Following a physical exam, tests, and treatment, what is the most appropriate screening test to perform next?
25 Jun 2024

New research evaluates strategies for prostate cancer screening

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) screening reduced mortality over the long term, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and targeted biopsies improved early detection, and a multistep screening protocol involving a PSA test, a 4-kallikrein panel, and an MRI showed promise.
9 Apr 2024

Latest updates on ACP's priorities, initiatives

ACP Spotlight offers readers a look at ACP's current top priorities and initiatives, as well as highlights from our e-newsletter, I.M. Matters Weekly from ACP.
1 May 2024

MRI less cost-effective than PSA as first-line testing for prostate cancer

Even assuming that biparametric magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was free of charge, prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing followed by multiparametric MRI as necessary was more cost-effective, a modeling study found.
4 Jun 2024

Potential problematic prescribing in older women

Prescription of systemic estrogen therapy after menopause could be a red flag for use of other medications linked to dementia.
1 Apr 2024

Study compares after-effects of prostatectomy, active surveillance, radiation, hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Estimates of long-term bowel, bladder, and sexual function after localized prostate cancer treatment may enable men to make informed choices about care, the authors said.
28 Jan 2020

Playing the blame game for rising prostate cancer rates

Blame the rising rate of prostate cancer on better testing. Blame it on the ubiquity of the disease as men age. Just don't blame it on the pathologists. They feel bad enough.
1 Jul 2008

ACP offers new Practice Assessment Tool for breast and prostate cancer screening

This free activity is recommended for physicians who have limited experience in practice assessment or are new to the health care quality improvement process, and is eligible for up to 20 CME credits and 20 Maintenance of Certification Practice Assessment points.
3 Jul 2018

Patients and priorities in prostate cancer care

Prostate cancer requires men to work through a multitude of treatment options, and if the patient ends up settling on active surveillance, then the internist's role is even more important moving forward.
1 Nov 2017

Decision support intervention for clinicians helped decrease low-value care

A tool to increase clinicians' attention to the possible harms of overtreatment among older adults, among other aims, was associated with a greater decline in prostate-specific antigen testing, unspecified urine testing, and diabetes overtreatment compared with an education-only approach.
6 Feb 2024

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