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Bringing postpartum care to primary care

To improve maternal outcomes in the United States, increased collaboration and communication between obstetrics/gynecology and primary care are crucial, experts stress.
1 Jun 2024

American Medical Women's Association promotes video series for disease prevention

To promote disease prevention, the American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) Preventive Medicine Task Force has partnered with Mission Critical Health (MCH), a nonprofit education initiative that produces evidence-based public health and medical education programs.
17 Mar 2015

Binge drinking shows potential to predict alcohol problems in people who drink moderately

Compared with a regular pattern of drinking, a binge pattern of drinking was independently and significantly associated with an increase in the number of alcohol problems nine years later, a study found.
21 Jun 2022

Alcohol use, misuse recently on the rise

With routine use of a short screening tool, primary care physicians could more frequently flag emerging alcohol issues.
1 Mar 2023

Research at SGIM meeting targets prevention

From smoking to weight loss to vaccination, much of the research at the Society for General Internal Medicine annual meeting focused on preventive medicine. Researchers from around the country shared data on their efforts to keep patients healthy.
1 Jul 2009

Physicians legally allowed to ask patients about firearms

The literature shows that although many physicians report that they believe they have a right and responsibility to counsel patients about firearms, they are also unfamiliar with firearms themselves, with the benefits and risks of firearm ownership, and with what to say during counseling.
17 May 2016

Integrating oral health into primary care

A comprehensive primary care model that includes oral health is needed to prevent health problems, reduce costs, and provide equitable care.
1 Nov 2021

Cervical cancer screening may be inadequate in older women

CDC researchers found that more older women than younger women reported not having been screened recently for cervical cancer, and 5.1% of patients ages 66 to 70 years reported that they had never been screened.
9 May 2017

Lung screening's benefits, challenges

In March 2021, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) expanded eligibility for lung cancer screening by setting the benchmark at a 20 pack-year smoking history for those ages 50 to 80 years who are current smokers or former smokers who have quit within the past 15 years.
1 Mar 2022

Pneumococcal vaccination rates suboptimal in adults with asthma

A total of 42.0% of the study sample reported ever receiving a pneumococcal vaccine, with rates below this threshold in those ages 18 to 44 years (32.7%), men (39.0%), and those with a college degree (36.7%), among other groups, researchers found.
3 Oct 2017

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