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Limits on opioid prescribing didn't change overdoses, but did reduce adverse effects

A study of primary care patients analyzed the effects of a Vermont policy that limited the dose and duration of opioid prescriptions based on pain severity and required prescription drug monitoring program checks.
11 May 2021

Changes made to opioid prescribing information

This column reviews details on recent recalls, warnings, and approvals.
1 Jun 2019

Use of chiropractors and occupational, physical therapy for low back pain uncommon, despite guidelines

While clinical practice guidelines encourage nonpharmacologic treatments as first-line therapy for low back pain, fewer than a third of patients used chiropractic care or occupational or physical therapy for this problem in 2002 to 2018.
31 Oct 2023

States step in on opioid prescribing

This issue covers such topics as legislative issues regarding prescribing, potential overdoses by patients taking narcotics, and a new way to look at overall health.
1 Oct 2016

Seeking clarity for opioid prescribing

Doctors continue to be frustrated by their patients' chronic pain problems, due to a lack of evidence on opioids' long-term effectiveness and strong evidence of potential harms.
1 Apr 2015

Few internal medicine residency programs provide clinical opioid-related training

A 2019 survey of members of the Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine found that while 82% of programs required some training in safe opioid prescribing and opioid use disorder treatment, few programs required clinical experiences.
9 Nov 2021

Efforts to stop coprescribing of opioids, benzodiazepines helped, but problem ongoing

Two recent studies examined national trends in opioid and benzodiazepine prescribing, one finding that prescribing of these drugs together and separately dropped nationally, while another showing that opioid prescribing for patients with alcohol use disorder (AUD) decreased in New York.
7 Jun 2022

No easy ‘off switch’ for low back pain

There's no easy way to cure low back pain, but recommending a mix of therapies along with a dose of reassurance can often provide patients a measure of relief.
1 Nov 2022

High-dose opioid use dropping in the VA, but opioids frequently discontinued involuntarily, studies find

Recent studies from the Veterans Health Administration looked at voluntary and involuntary opioid reduction; high-dose, long-term opioid therapy; and quality improvement efforts for opioid use disorder treatment.
10 Nov 2020

Calls to poison control centers for gabapentin, baclofen increased in recent years

The increase in exposures to and misuse of these medications in the U.S. may represent an unintended consequence of recent reductions in opioid prescribing for pain management, study authors said.
10 Dec 2019

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