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Work toward equity in Black men's health

An expert discusses causes and effects of health disparities as well as ways to incorporate health equity into the practice of medicine.
1 Jul 2023

PDE5 inhibitors didn't increase cardiovascular events in men on nitrates for heart disease

A Danish study also found that more men with ischemic heart disease are taking both nitrates and a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor, with the prescription rate increasing 20-fold from 2000 to 2018.
19 Apr 2022

Maintaining men's health in middle age

Adrenopause, somatopause, andropause... manopause? They all give internists pause when considering men's health as they reach middle age. As men try to maintain optimum health, doctors need to define what exactly that is.
1 Apr 2014

ACP issues guideline on testosterone treatment for age-related low testosterone levels

Clinicians should prescribe testosterone for men with this condition only to treat sexual dysfunction, not to improve energy, vitality, physical function, or cognition, the guideline said.
7 Jan 2020

Study compares after-effects of prostatectomy, active surveillance, radiation, hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Estimates of long-term bowel, bladder, and sexual function after localized prostate cancer treatment may enable men to make informed choices about care, the authors said.
28 Jan 2020

Internal Medicine Meeting 2022 goes hybrid

It will be the first in-person Internal Medicine Meeting since 2019 in Philadelphia and the first Internal Medicine Meeting held in the Windy City since 1990.
1 Mar 2022

New guidance urges caution on testosterone

Internists considering testosterone therapy are ideally positioned to consider a broader differential diagnosis that will actually help the patient.
1 May 2020

The next issue of ACP Internist is online and coming to your mailbox

Stories are online for the April issue of ACP Internist, including new hypertension guidelines, maintaining men's health in middle age, and referrals to rehabilitation.
1 Apr 2014

Dealing with dementia, Q&As on COVID-19

This issue also covers testosterone and men's health, as well as preconception care.
1 May 2020

Fall, fracture risk may be increased with prostate-selective alpha antagonists in older men

Men 66 years of age and older who had filled a first outpatient prescription for tamsulosin, alfuzosin, or silodosin were compared with men who had not.
3 Nov 2015

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