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Postpartum hypertension found to continue after birth in 80% of patients, study finds

The cohort study of patients with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy highlights the importance of remote blood pressure monitoring programs and improved tools for risk stratification, according to its authors.
18 Jun 2024

Controlling hypertension, curing HCV, and more stories

Helping a patient get their hypertension under control is one thing, but helping them keep it there is quite another.
1 May 2024

Thiazide diuretics for hypertension pose more hyponatremia risk than labeling indicates

Incidence of moderate to severe hyponatremia was significantly higher with new use of bendroflumethiazide or hydrochlorothiazide plus a renin-angiotensin system (RAS) inhibitor than with a calcium-channel blocker or a RAS inhibitor alone, two Danish target trials found.
19 Dec 2023

Bringing postpartum care to primary care

To improve maternal outcomes in the United States, increased collaboration and communication between obstetrics/gynecology and primary care are crucial, experts stress.
1 Jun 2024

MKSAP Quiz: Follow-up visit for chronic hypertension

A 44-year-old woman is evaluated during a follow-up visit for chronic hypertension. Over the past month, her average blood pressure measured with home blood pressure monitoring was 150/90 mm Hg. Following a physical exam and lab tests, what is the most appropriate next step in management?
11 Oct 2022

Two tips for the physical exam

James O'Keefe, MD, FACP, explains why blood pressure should be checked in both arms and why clinicians should routinely measure patients' waist circumference.
1 Jun 2024

MKSAP Quiz: Follow-up for diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension

A 68-year-old man is evaluated during a routine follow-up visit. Medical history is significant for type 2 diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and aortofemoral bypass surgery 2 years ago. Following a physical exam, what is the most appropriate additional treatment?
15 Nov 2022

Continue BP control, maintain benefits

Helping patients maintain normal blood pressure over the long haul pays off in cardiovascular and other health benefits, yet studies show that U.S. adults continue to backslide.
1 May 2024

Hypertension patients on remote monitoring had lower mortality, fewer hospitalizations

Remote monitoring was associated with an increase in outpatient visits, which was likely due to reimbursement requirements, according to the authors of the retrospective study of Medicare patients with hypertension.
28 Nov 2023

New UTI treatment, AI sepsis risk calculator approved

This column reviews recent recalls, alerts, and approvals.
1 Jun 2024

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