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Time-restricted eating comparable to traditional calorie restriction for weight loss, study finds

Patient preference and other considerations such as ease of use can guide clinical choice of dietary weight loss interventions, according to an editorial accompanying a small randomized trial.
27 Jun 2023

Helping patients handle information overload

Finding out why a patient is concerned about health care news can be an opening for a larger discussion about health goals.
1 Jan 2018

Coffee associated with lower mortality regardless of whether sugar is added

A prospective cohort study in the U.K. found that risk for death was lower among those who drank unsweetened or sugar-sweetened coffee, while the results for coffee with artificial sweeteners were less clear.
31 May 2022

Setting a course for food as medicine

Culinary medicine is a growing, evidence-based movement that brings the “food is medicine” philosophy to medical education and beyond.
1 Jun 2018

AHA encourages rapid diet assessment in primary care to combat diet-related diseases

For clinicians facing time constraints, several validated screener tools, whether administered in the office or through the EHR, can provide immediate actionable dietary feedback, according to a scientific statement from the American Heart Association (AHA).
18 Aug 2020

Intensive food-as-medicine program improves engagement, not glycemic control

Patients with diabetes and food insecurity who received healthy groceries, dietitian consults, nurse evaluations, health coaching, and diabetes education had increased engagement with preventive care but no significant change in HbA1c levels versus usual care.
2 Jan 2024

‘Right-to-try’ laws spark debate

This issue covers the ethics of right-to-try laws in the United States, the potential of ransomware to disrupt a physician's office, and conference coverage from infectious disease and cardiology sessions.
1 Jan 2018

Guidelines diminish cholesterol worries

Physicians can expect questions from patients confused by a committee's report stating that dietary cholesterol should no longer be considered “a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”.
1 Jun 2015

Fighting obesity means fighting evolution's urges to gorge

Physicians seeking to counsel patients on weight management need to start early, be proactive and discuss activity and nutrition at every visit, said one presenter at Internal Medicine 2012.
1 Jun 2012

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