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ACP updates climate change toolkit

The Climate Change and Health Action Plan includes an updated overview, as well as a PowerPoint presentation for chapter meetings, grand rounds, and other educational opportunities and regional talking points for discussing how climate change impacts health in each region of the U.S.
17 Oct 2017

Health policy 'valentines' from ACP

ACP actively worked to improve the lives of members and their patients in 2023 by addressing several key issues, such as reducing administrative burdens and calling for Medicare to be able to negotiate prescription drug prices.
1 Feb 2024

Clearing the air about climate change

Climate change is a public health issue, and physicians should be aware of the potential medical consequences and be able to communicate those to patients.
1 Sep 2016

ACP calls for urgent action on climate change

Among 5 recommendations is encouragement for physicians to become educated about climate change, its effect on human health, and how to respond to future challenges.
19 Apr 2016

What to know about alpha-gal syndrome

Awareness about alpha-gal syndrome remains low, but the number of suspected cases of people bitten by ticks who develop this allergic reaction has risen sharply since 2010.
1 Jan 2024

This Earth Day, learn about ACP's efforts to protect the planet

Among other initiatives, ACP has been working to educate our members and other physicians about the harm that climate change poses for human health.
18 Apr 2023

Congress passes historic health, climate change legislation

The Inflation Reduction Act allows Medicare to negotiate some prescription drug prices for the first time and includes provisions for climate change.
1 Oct 2022

New ACP paper calls for policies to improve environmental health for all

The College's latest position paper broadens recommended policy actions on the climate crisis to include a wider array of environmental exposures that impact human health.
25 Oct 2022

Be sure not to miss ACP's many health policy efforts

ACP recently released two important new policy papers on ensuring equitable access to elections and physician leadership of team-based models for patient care.
1 Jan 2024

Climate change and consultation training

Readers weigh in on climate change and the best way to prepare med students as future consultants.
1 Jan 2017

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