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Latest COVID-19 studies show need for repeat rapid testing, targeting of antiviral prescriptions

Viral load of SARS-CoV-2 doesn't peak until the fourth day of symptoms, one study found, while other research only saw an effect of nirmatrelvir/ritonavir on death and hospitalization among those who were moderately or severely immunocompromised, not in other high-risk groups.
3 Oct 2023

New findings on antiviral flu treatment

A recent study raises doubts about whether oseltamivir should be promoted as a way to prevent hospitalization in low-risk patients.
1 Nov 2023

COVID-19 rebound occurs with or without antivirals, doesn't affect outcomes, studies find

Rebound of both COVID-19 symptoms and viral load was rare in untreated, unvaccinated outpatients, one study showed, while another found similar rates of viral rebound in patients treated with nirmatrelvir-ritonavir, molnupiravir, or neither antiviral.
21 Feb 2023

PrEPare for HIV care

Internal medicine physicians are already trained to care for complex medical conditions, and HIV is no different, especially as adults age and develop diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions.
1 Nov 2023

Antivirals plus antibiotics may lower risk of hospitalization in some patients with influenza

Although combination antiviral and antibiotic therapy was associated with a significant reduction in respiratory hospitalization risk within 30 days compared to an antiviral alone in this study, that does not mean the combination should be widely used, the authors noted.
4 Feb 2020

MKSAP Quiz: 1-month history of fever, malaise, weight loss

A 52-year-old woman is evaluated for a 1-month history of fever, malaise, and weight loss. She has a history of cardiomyopathy, for which she received a heart transplant 5 years ago; 3 months ago, an episode of rejection occurred, and high-dose glucocorticoids were initiated. Following a physical exam and CT scan, which infection is the most likely cause of the patient's findings?
27 Feb 2024

Data drive debate over antivirals, theory vs. practice

Physicians should focus not only on influenza vaccinations but on treating patients who will get the disease whether they have been vaccinated or not.
1 Oct 2014

High-risk outpatients with acute respiratory illness infrequently prescribed antivirals for influenza, study finds

Factors associated with antiviral treatment were early presentation to care, presence of fever, positive influenza test result, and presentation within the 2013–2014 and 2014–2015 seasons.
31 Oct 2017

CDC publishes guidance on testing for flu, COVID-19

Patients presenting with acute respiratory illness should be tested for SARS-CoV-2 with nucleic acid detection or antigen detection assay, as well as flu if the results will change clinical management or infection control decisions, the CDC said.
19 Dec 2023

Experts cover common COVID-19 challenges

A recent ACP/Annals of Internal Medicine forum on COVID-19 considered the timing of vaccination, outpatient treatment, and pre-exposure prophylaxis.
1 Oct 2022

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