Presidential kudos

A reader offers praise for recent President's Message columns.

The President's Message columns by Omar T. Atiq, MD, MACP, are excellent. I especially want to commend those of June and November/December 2023, "Universal Health Care: Why Not?" and "The Human Right to Health." Dr. Atiq's articulation of the need and justification for a universal health care system in this country is beautifully done. There is no question that such a system is needed, medically correct, economically appropriate, and morally necessary. I am proud to be a member of ACP and to support its efforts to bring about such a system. I find it sad that many in the medical community do not.

I thank Dr. Atiq for these columns and ACP for its continuing efforts to bring care to all.

William M. Fogarty Jr., MD, MACP
St. Louis