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ACP supports regulation of ‘ghost guns'

ACP applauds the Biden administration's April issuing of final regulations to restrict the sale and distribution of “ghost guns.” Firearms-related injuries and deaths are tragedies that can be prevented with these and other commonsense policies. ACP previously commented that these regulations are a critical step to stop the flow of untraceable weapons to individuals legally prohibited from possessing firearms.

ACP has long called attention to the public health threat posed by firearms violence and has called on policymakers to enact laws and regulations that would reduce firearms-related injuries and deaths. As physicians, we see the consequences of gun violence firsthand, inside and outside of the exam room, and we have a responsibility to our patients and the communities we serve to speak out and call for measures to mitigate this crisis.

Prepare for ABIM's new Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment with MKSAP 19

Image by MartinPrescott
Image by MartinPrescott

MKSAP 19 is a useful preparation tool for internists interested in taking ABIM's new Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA) pathway to maintain their certification. The LKA is a timed, open-book examination consisting of questions for internists to answer each quarter over a five-year period. LKA registrants can earn MOC points for every question answered correctly, and they must open 500 questions over the five-year period to meet the participation requirement.

MKSAP 19 includes the following helpful features:

  • MKSAP 19 Board Exam Topic Guide, to review commonly tested topics and find out the frequency and importance of specific topics, based on the ABIM exam blueprint
  • MKSAP 19 Quick Qs, for practice answering concise, Boards-style questions mapped to the ABIM exam blueprint
  • Customized timed quizzes, to simulate the testing parameters of the LKA
  • Personalized Learning Plan, to target areas for more in-depth review and view suggested resources available for additional review
  • Earn-As-You-Go CME and MOC, to earn CME credit and MOC points a few questions at a time

MKSAP 19 is available in three convenient formats. More information is online.

ACP financial profit paper wins prize

An ACP position paper won the John A. Benson Jr., MD Professionalism Article Prize for commentary, as announced by the ABIM Foundation. “Financial Profit in Medicine: A Position Paper from the American College of Physicians,” published Sept. 7, 2021, in Annals of Internal Medicine, was recognized as one of the best articles written in peer-reviewed journals on pressing issues facing the medical profession in 2021.

ACP congratulates authors Ryan Crowley, ACP Senior Associate in Health Policy; Omar Atiq, MD, FACP; and David Hilden, MD, FACP, as well as the rest of ACP's Health and Public Policy Committee for their contributions to the paper. The paper considers the effect of the growth of corporate interests and influence in health care on patients, physicians, and the health care system and makes a set of recommendations for policies that can foster and sustain the patient-physician relationship.

ICYMI: Highlights from ACP Internist Weekly

EHR alerts may help boost guideline-directed therapy for heart failure. An industry-funded cluster-randomized trial found that clinician alerts were associated with a 40% increase in prescription of four recommended drug classes in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. The study and editorial were published April 5 by the Journal of American College of Cardiology and summarized in the April 12 ACP Internist Weekly.

Hepatitis B vaccine now recommended for adults ages 19 through 59 years. The CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) now recommends hepatitis B vaccination for all adults ages 19 to 59 years and those ages 60 years and older with risk factors for hepatitis B. Adults ages 60 years and older without known risk factors may also be vaccinated. The ACIP previously recommended hepatitis B vaccination of children, adults with risk factors for infection, and all patients who request vaccination. The recommendations were published in the April 1 MMWR and summarized in the April 5 ACP Internist Weekly.

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