Hepatitis C diagnosis, treatment changing rapidly

This issue covers topics including management of hepatitis and the effect of new direct-pay practice models on primary care practice.

Available treatments for hepatitis C have exploded over the past 2 years, with approvals for new drugs that can make a cure possible. However, the new therapies are expensive and have raised questions about which patients should get them and which physicians should manage care. Some experts see an opportunity for internists to take charge of hepatitis C, for example, but many insurance companies still require that care be provided by a hepatologist. Meanwhile, changes in screening have been shifting more of the diagnosis to primary care. Stacey Butterfield examines the changing landscape of hepatitis C and offers a snapshot of where it might be going next.

In practice management, some concierge care has been quietly evolving into what is now sometimes termed a “direct pay” model, in which patients pay a monthly or annual fee to their physician for expanded service but the physician does not bill a third-party payer. Some physicians report that this model gives them more time with their patients and allows them to provide more comprehensive care. Others worry, however, that it will reduce care access and continuity. Charlotte Huff talks to supporters and skeptics to determine the pros and cons of this changing model of practice.

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Jennifer Kearney-Strouse