Letters to the Editor

Readers respond about team care.

Integrating information on team care

After reading the October 2010 issue of ACP Internist, I found somewhat striking and disturbing the inconsistency between the columns written by Dr. Ralston and Bob Doherty and the content of both of the front-page articles [on glucose monitoring and house calls] . Both columns state that the team model of care is the future of medicine, yet there is passing or no mention of the utility of this model in providing care of type 1 diabetes using continuous glucose monitoring or in providing care by use of house calls.

I practice in an integrated health care system in a rural area, and I participate in a team model of care. This model, if supported by alternative reimbursement models mentioned by both Dr. Ralston and Mr. Doherty, has great potential to viably provide the types of care described in these articles. I encourage you to consider including this reality in future articles in ACP Internist.

Mark K. Belknap, FACP
Ashland, Wis.