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ACP seeks workshop topics, and chapter awardees are honored.

ACP seeks workshop topics

The Clinical Skills Subcommittee (CSSC) and Medical Informatics Subcommittee (MISC) are accepting workshop proposals for Internal Medicine 2009.

The CSSC welcomes all proposals but places a priority on interactive workshops that focus on the acquisition or improvement of physical examination skills, communication skills and procedural skills. The CSSC is most interested in workshops that have a high likelihood of changing physician behavior using proven teaching techniques or new and innovative teaching strategies that have yet to be tested. ACP can offer a variety of time slots including 60, 90 and 120 minutes, as well as a one or two day pre-session workshops.

MISC welcomes all proposals but places a priority on interactive workshops that focus on the use of technology and computer applications in the care of patients and the management of medical practice. The MISC is most interested in workshops that have a high likelihood of encouraging use of technology and computer applications shown to improve quality of care, patient safety, and practice management efficiency. ACP Internal Medicine offers a variety of learning formats including interactive computer workshops, lectures and panel presentations. ACP supplies each computer workshop with 12 computers with internet connection; each computer is shared by two learners.

Resources permitting, ACP will assist course directors in the acquisition of necessary equipment (beyond audiovisual equipment) and follow-up evaluations of learners. CSSC and MISC workshop faculty receive financial support for travel to the meeting, a per diem (hotel and food), meeting registration, and a small honorarium. Final selections of workshops are made at the annual program planning meeting in June 2008.

To suggest a workshop, complete this online application. Attach a copy of your curriculum vitae and email or mail these to the address below by June 1, 2008.

Patrick C. Alguire, FACP Director, Education and Career Development American College of Physicians 190 N. Independence Mall West Philadelphia, PA 19106-1572.

Chapter awardees honored

Chapters honor Members, Fellows, and Masters of ACP who have demonstrated by their example and conduct an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research, or service to their community, their region, their chapter and ACP. Awardees are physicians with a long history of excellence and peer approval in the specialty of Internal Medicine. In recognition of their outstanding service, these exceptional individuals received chapter awards in January, February and March 2008:

Central America Guillermo G. Rodriguez, FACP, San Jose, Costa Rica, Laureate Award

Colorado Col. Sterling G. West, MACP, Aurora, Laureate Award Walter G. Briney, FACP, Denver, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

Delaware R. Bradley Slease, FACP, Wilmington, Laureate Award Bhaskar S. Palekar, FACP, Lewes, Laureate Award Brian M. Aboff, FACP, Hockessin, Leonard Lang, MD Award Jennifer A. Genuardi, ACP Associate Member, Newark, The Parag Bakshi Award Thinesh Dahanayake, MD, Bear, The Parag Bakshi Award

Georgia Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, FACP, Augusta, Laureate Award Henry M. Patton, FACP, Covington, Volunteerism & Community Service Award James A. Hotz, ACP Member, Albany, Leadership Award Lisa Bernstein, ACP Member, Atlanta, J.W. Hurst Teaching Award

Hawaii Daniel C. Davis Jr., FACP, Honolulu, Laureate Award

Iowa Maj. William J. Yost, FACP, Des Moines, Laureate Award Scott R. Wilson, FACP, Iowa City, Laureate Award William B. Galbraith, MACP, Cedar Rapids, Volunteerism & Community Service Award Thomas J. McIntosh, MACP, Bertram, Career Excellence Award

Louisiana Fortune A. Dugan, FACP, Kenner, Laureate Award Richard B. Langford, FACP, Shreveport, Laureate Award

Maryland Richard J. Gross, MD, Luthvle Timon, Samuel P. Asper Award David E. Kern, FACP, Baltimore, Theodore E. Woodward Award Chris V. Plowe, MD, Columbia, Mary Betty Stevens Award

Mississippi Joe C. Files, FACP, Jackson, Laureate Award

New Jersey Madhu B. Goyal, FACP, South Plainfield, Laureate Award

New York Downstate Anthony J. Grieco, FACP, New York, Laureate Award Allen L. Chodock, FACP, Mamaroneck, Laureate Award Ralph K. Della Ratta, FACP, Mineola, Laureate Award

North Carolina Thomas D. Dubose Jr., FACP, Winston Salem, Laureate Award Clare J. Sanchez, FACP, Raleigh, Volunteerism & Community Service Award Byron J. Hoffman Jr., FACP, Siler City, Volunteerism & Community Service Award

Virginia Sarah T. Corley, FACP, McLean, Laureate Award Richard P. Wenzel, MACP, Richmond, Laureate Award Glenn C. Jones, FACP, Danville, Young Internist Award